National Stop the Violence Alliance, Inc.
P.O. Box 3344 Camden, New Jersey 08101-3344 Phone: 856-952-6291
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Mission Statement

National Stop the Violence Alliance, Inc.'s (NSTVA) mission is to help heal our communities through the principles of nonviolence. NSTVA is committed to working collaboratively with the community through ministerial outreach, youth programs, collective conferences with law enforcement agencies and public officials, and informational seminars about the effects of drug usage, gang violence, sex education, and about economic uplifting, such as how to ace interviews, how to obtain employment, and how to manage unemployment. It is NSTVA's mission to help end violence across the country and to bring awareness to many illness that are affecting our culture.

General Information

National Stop the Violence Alliance, Inc. was created in 1991 by Dr. Stephne' R. Coney in the kitchen of her Camden, New Jersey resident. A native of Camden, Dr. Coney saw how violence and other ailments affected her neighborhood and the citizens within. Violence and gang activity had grown rapid and its effects became much more internal than external. With the teachings of nonviolence seen in the philosophies of Mohandas Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mother Teresa, Dr. Coney incorporated National Stop the Violence and its immediate mission was to end violence across the country.


  • Actors, Artists, and Athletes Against Violence
  • Facing Attitudes Concerning Educational Spirits (F.A.C.E.S.)
  • Peace Troopers: A Youth Partnership with Law Enforcement
  • Celebration of Hope
  • Youth Celebrating Courage and Freedom
  • Children's Angel Fund
  • National Stop the Violence Alliance, Inc. Ministerial Council
  • International Festival
  • No One Wins (N.O.W.) Anti-Bullying Campaign
  • The "Hit the Books Because They Don't Hit Back" Campaign
  • The "Use Your Heart and Not Your Hands" Campaign
  • The Women's E.R.A.
  • The Male Domain

Ending Violence One Person At A Time!

NSTVA Board Members
Dr. Stephné R. Coney, Founder and CEO

Sescily R. Coney, President and Director

Danielle Gray-Johnson, 1st Vice President

Bernard Holmes, 2nd Vice President, Chicago Regional Representative, Social Media Coordinator

Charlotte Purnell, Treasurer

Theresa Wynn, Chaplain

Tiffany Phillips, Secretary and DC/Texas Representative

Minta Moss-Beard, MBA, Atlanta Regional Representative, Associate Social Media Coordinator

Talina Beard, Atlanta Regional Representative, Associate Social Media Coordinator

Rev. Kezra Marshall, North Carolina Regional Representative

Jessica Willis, RN, Virginia Regional Representative

Britney HadnotDC/Texas Regional Representative

Leah Banks, NJ Representative